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We have been hearing the words ‘Ethical’ quite often these days and it gets even stronger when it’s paired with the word ‘Fashion’. It’s one thing to hear about Ethical Fashion and it’s another thing to know about it. But it’s a whole different level to actually learn about it. So the question presents itself

What is Ethical Fashion?

In condensed terms, Ethical Fashion is simply the method of production of fashion goods with a moral conduct. It has nothing to do with vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism. Its sole aim is to reduce the negative impact the Fashion Industry puts on this planet. It has a conscience on how we deal with our business practises and how much of a social responsibility those practises possess.

While we mindlessly ramble on about the definition of Ethical Fashion, we must be aware of its important in today’s world. To get a clearer picture, let’s quote a fact, shall we?

We may not realise this, because, when it comes to fashion as opposed to oil, the awareness is not as popular and we use what appears to be a seemingly clean end product. We don’t incline ourselves to backtrack the source of the fully finished product. In our modern world, profit motive is the norm. Hence, the continuous strive to attain incremental profit tempts companies to resort to substandard products and cheap raw materials, which in most cases prove to be harmful to the environment. But from a business perspective, the damage to the ecosystem seems to go unnoticed. To put it more bluntly, businesses turn a blind eye. The immense quantity of chemical dyes and toxic gases released in to the atmosphere and oceans possess serious health risks to the inhabitants of this planet including ourselves. Animals are being hunted and skinned for the mere joy of wearing their fur. In addition to this, the working conditions in all the outsourced factories can be claimed to be modern day slavery. The goal of Ethical Fashion is to put companies at a critical standpoint and adopt healthy business practises. This movement is gaining high precedence and is only is getting popular by the day. Increasing number of firms is converting their business to follow such modes of conduct.

Our world today has a shortage of Designers in Ethical Fashion. For every fashion product in the world today there is a more natural and ethical alternative available out there. The question is why aren’t these being put more into production? The answer is that companies do not believe in the philosophy of such moral line of work. Many companies fear the risk of losing out of business when competing with cheaper mass produced chemical infused goods. The best way to get over this myth is by creating an awareness of your product among the people and how far its positive effects can impact the environment we live.

There is another major concern at play and that is the general human mind-set towards modern day fashion. Today fashion companies have created this ridiculous propaganda that you need to shop apparels frequently to stay ahead of the trend. This is daylight robbery and blatant disregard for human intelligence. Clothes must be made to last and catered to serve a particular purpose. It’s worth noting that Australians send almost $500m worth of clothing every year to the garbage! Ethical Fashion breaks this system by bringing in clothes that actually serve the purpose in need rather than the one we had created in the first place

Our team at Tvaag believes that a person doesn’t need to seriously follow an 100% ethical lifestyle to create a change. Because, let’s admit it, perfection is overrated and is simply too rare. But that shouldn’t discourage a person from doing his/her bit to the nature. So, we created our brand after being inspired from the traditional herbal healing techniques and cloth manufacturing industry in India.

Keep following us and we will keep you updated on the environment friendly products we will be bringing to the fore.

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