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Founders' Notes

Founders' Notes


Dear Community,

These notes were first scribbled on a piece of paper and then transcribed onto this blog. So, they are purely from my heart.

For those who know me personally, the journey of TVAAG and my abstract taste in music, these notes may not radiate anything new. This is for the up and coming members of this community.

TVAAG was not born out of a commitment to create an incorporated establishment or manufacture clothes. It was more of an interlace in the personal search for a better lifestyle and chance coming my way. Few years back, I faced muscle pain issues in my spine region due to a Kickboxing injury. I approached several doctors to find a solution. All of them suggested quite risky procedures. I, then, resorted to alternative medicine to find treatment. Since they are herbal and holistic in nature, they have been known to not have side effects. The treatment had very miraculous effects on me not just physically, but also mentally. Since then my mission was hell bent on educating others about the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. The most efficient way through which we decided to do this, was our clothing, since it's a necessary commodity. We engineered to infuse these herbs onto our fabrics and create a wearable that has certain subtle, yet distinct properties. For us TVAAG is not about clothing, but the complete experience.

TVAAG is built around its core values, as what I call the Three-Leaf Philosophy ie. Environmental Sustainability, Plant-based Lifestyle and Enhancing Individual Consciousness. So, our company in its essence wants to create a sustainable lifestyle. Because, we believe, only a sustainable individual can create a sustainable society. Leggings are part of our first product-line  We have more exciting portfolio of products being developed and will be keeping you posted. Stay tuned!

TVAAG is a reflection of my personal journey to envision a One World, One Nation, and Unified Culture of tomorrow. These are not just words, but an emotion for me. Through this, lets build a Greener future through inclusiveness

With passion,
Meghal Vijayan