🌱 Plant-based Clothing designed to make you Feel Good, Do Good, Look Good

TVAAG - The Healing Fabric

What makes a unique TVAAG product?

As a consumer, you should be curious about what essentially goes into a product you buy. What makes it that special brand. When a TVAAG product comes out of the plant, its now a fusion of 4 main components, which is the core of our company's philosophy of a Plant-Based Lifestyle

1. Organic Fabrics

The Fabric that goes into making a TVAAG cloth starts first with picking the most eco friendly and organic fibers sourced from nature. These organic fibers are devoid of harmful pesticides and cultivated in the cleanest environment. Our products comes guaranteed with the Eco-Friendly Certification 

2. Plant Dyes

The next phase of our manufacturing comes with the Dyes. This is where we infuse our fabric with Essential Oils and Plant Dyes. The organic colours that goes into every strand of the fiber now will have the property of the plants it is dyed with, thereby rendering the medicinal properties of the very plant itself

3. Social Initiatives

Our principle philosophy is not just to serve the Planet but also the people who are part of this creation process. Our manufacturing facilities are devoid of sweatshop culture and strenuous working hours. All are paid above fair wages with human-friendly working conditions, without any harmful chemicals lurking around. We invite you to come have a look at our site! 

4. TVAAGTech 

TVAAGTech is our unique manufacturing process through which we have infused the benefits of the Dyes and locked it into our Fabrics. Its a completely holistic process that starts with our cloth making technology to even how the fabric is handled



At TVAAG, we don't innovate just the Fabric, but the complete Experience!